10 Designs / 10 Days / £2K

10 day revitalisation process for improved customer experiences and business revenues.

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Logo Design

A new or updated identity and brand.


An easy to update and new online presence.

Photo Shoot

10 images and 60 second video.


Your own specific card design.


Flyer, poster, menu or stamp etc


Flag, advert, signage or T-shirt etc

Social Media

Three branded social channels.


We make good use of Google tools.


Domain and hosting for 12 months.

Final Pack

All design items in one place as an asset.


Making design better for every business

We’re interested in working with people and organisations who value the benefits design and marketing can bring to them.

Our 10 design items are carefully crafted to be most effective in helping the business sectors listed below and beyond.

  • Service professionals.
  • Retail professionals.
  • Education professionals.
  • Food professionals.
  • Health professionals.
  • Finance professionals.
  • Trade professionals.
  • Technology professionals.
  • Manufacturing professionals.
  • Leisure professionals.
  • and more...
Improve your Business

Achieve your design and marketing goals

Invest in your business with this, not to be missed, design package which crafts and delivers 10 design items – each chosen to make the greatest impact. We encourage you to schedule a Ten for Two design process today and enjoy an empowered business for an absolute steal of only £2K.

  • One-page WordPress Website with content and contact path.
  • Domain & Hosting for 12 months.
  • Google Listing, SEO and Analytics.
  • Three branded social media channels.
  • Your logo is locked down with a clean vector graphic.
  • Photoshoot providing 10 images plus 60 second video.
  • Card design: business, appointment, rewards or swing.
  • Internal design: event banner, poster, flyer, menu or stamp.
  • External design: flag, advertisement, vinyl, signage or T-shirt.
  • You own the final design items which are key business assets.
Improve your Business
What We Do

Key offers that make all the difference to your personal & business objectives

We deliver the considered ten design items through three key channels of: online, print and support. These creatively considered channels provide the best opportunity to change and improve your business.

Digital Domination
Digital Domination

Dominate online with a friendly and easy to update website with SEO, Analytics and Social channels. Make the most of digital images and video to relay your offer to your specific market.

Effective Print
Effective Print

Better communicate your business using three different designs: card, internal and external items. Apply the unique branding and images to ideally relay what you do or what you sell.

Full Support
Full Support

We are with you for 10 days providing key insights, crafting designs and providing support such as a web domain, hosting and final document. We can also provide print and other expertise.

Easy to get Started

With our easy PayPal payment system, with a portfolio of template designs, it's easy to get your project started.

Transparent Process

We're in constant contact with our clients with a good discussion at the beginning and questions asked throughout the 10 days.

End of Day Updates

We'll keep you updated with progress and milestones, these are relayed as either messages or emails at the end of the day.

Online Payment

A 25% payment is required for your project to begin, with booking and transfer made easy using our system - final payment has 30 days credit.

Ownership of Assets

You own the crafted design items such as images, video, logo and print items along with the final document.

iPhone Emails over Coffee

TenForTwo Design Process

The main stages clients enjoy during the TenForTwo process.


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Invest £2K in your design and marketing for improved market presence, customer experiences and revenues.

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TenForTwo Launched
TenForTwo Launched

TenForTwo was launched early July to provide a design and marketing package, delivering a welcomed creative boost for...

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