Do you have to choose from the shown design items?
No, as we can discuss what you’d like in terms of logo, card, internal and external design items. We are flexible in terms of what the package can contain.

Does the the design need to be completed inside 10 days?
Yes, we begin and finish all within 10 days. This includes the photo and video shoot. Consequently we urge you to consider when to start your package. The need for the 10 days limit is to keep the cost at 2K as our time and expertise is money.

What if the time runs over the 10 days?
If 10 days isn’t enough due to a delay on our side then there is no cost. However should more time be required due to delays on the client side the over run will be charged at £30 / hr to complete the reminder of the work.

How do I get started?
It’s easy to get started and book your TenForTwo package: all you have to do is pay the 25% deposit using one of the buttons on the website while providing your contact information. After this we’ll be in touch to arrange the start date and shoot. Once complete the final 75% will be invoiced using our QuickBooks with 30 days credit given.

Can I update the WordPress Website?
Yes, as WordPress designs make use of simple to maintain templates and the user interface is as easy as they get. Furthermore we offer a support service should help be needed.